Can everybody see where I am?

No, we have a simple and quick privacy system that allows you to decide always who can see your location and your posts.

For how long will my post stay on the map?

Your posts will stay on the map for 12 hours. There is no time limit for posts in your profile and the feed.

My profile picture doesn´t fit the pin perfectly. What can I do?

If your profile picture doesn't fit exactly into the pin, you can upload your profile picture again. This should fix the problem.

For how long is a Daily visible?

A Daily stays on the map for 12 hours and in the feed and your profile for 24 hours.

I have accepted an Event. Why can I not see it on the map?

If you have accepted an event, it will be visible on the map 24 hours before the event starts. If this event has been planned for some time, you will also receive a push-push notification as a reminder. The event will remain on your map for 24 hours after it has passed. However, you can find any event you have been invited to in your lounge.

When will I see Events on the map if I haven’t accepted or rejected?

If you have not accepted or rejected, events will be displayed on your map 12 hours before the event starts and will remain visible to you until the end. If you still attended this event, it will remain on your map for 24 hours after the end. However, you can find any event you have been invited to any time in your lounge.

What happens if I reject an Event?

If you reject an event, it will not appear on the map. If someone has invited you, you can still see it in your lounge in the case that you want to change your mind. The creater won´t be notified that you have rejected the event.

Can I share as many posts as I want on the map?

Every post you share will be posted on the map. You can share as many posts on the map as you want in the privacy "close friends", "friends" and "followers". Posts with the privacy "Public", are limited to one post on the map. This means that your most recent post will always appear on the map with the privacy "Public". But this has no effect on your posts with a different privacy setting. However, all posts will remain in the feed and in your profile.

What is a Hotspot?

A hotspot is automatically created in places where something is going on.

Can I create a Hotspot

No, hotspots are automatically recognized and created by Incide. If you want to make an appointment with your friends, you can create an event.

Are Hotspots always public?

No, if the people in this hotspot are connected, the hotspot will only be displayed to the friends of these people. If some people in this hotspot do not know each other, the hotspot will be displayed public.

I don't want a hotspot to create itself. What can I do?

If you don´t want a hotspot to be created, enable private mode. This means that you will no longer be considered for creating a hotspot. A hotspot can still be created if other people interact with each other.

My friends and I are hosting a private event and don't want a hotspot to be created. What can I do?

In this case, you and your friends can create a normal event for this date and no hotspot will be created for your event.

What will happen if I activate the private mode?

If you enable the private mode, you will not be considered for creating hotspots. However, it has no effect if an event or hotspot already exists. If you don't want anyone to see that you’re there, turn your PinMe off.

Will I always be displayed in events and hotspots if I am there?

No, your PinMe privacy controls how you’re displayed in events and hotspots. You will only be shown as an participant for the group you have selected in your PinMe privacy. If your PinMe is turned off, no one will see that you are there.

What is PinMe?

If your PinMe is enabled, you will be displayed live on the map for the selected group of your privacy setting. In addition, PinMe's privacy setting also controls your display in events and hotspots.

Can I post into Events and Hotspots?

Yes, as soon as you are a participant you will be asked if you want to add this post to the current event.

Where can people see my posts, if I post into an Event or Hotspot?

If you have shared a post into an event or hotspot, this post will be displayed in the selected event, the feed and in your profile.

How can I become a participant of an Event or Hotspot?

As soon as you are at the event location and this event or hotspot is visible to you, you will automatically be added to this event.

I am at the event location but I didn´t become a participant. What can I do?

You can manually add yourself to the event or hotspot in your lounge.

I was added to the wrong Event or Hotspot. What can I do?

If you were added as a participant at the wrong event or the wrong hotspot near you, you can manually add yourself to the desired event or hotspot as a participant in your lounge.

Why can't I create public events?

To avoid abuse and spam, we have decided against public events for the time being. If a larger public event actually takes place, you will be informed through our hotspot function.